Why I do have to write every day

Written by Khương Ngọc


For a long time until now, writing is something that I am really scared of, even with my native language, Vietnamese, every time I want to give my opinions about any events not only in my life, such as when I got to age 20 or married, but also many things in our society.

Although I have a habit of reading, listening to podcasts, watching on many topics, I always have problems with expressing my ideas to outside. From those thinking, I had assumed that I did not the talent for writing or speaking in front of the crowd.

After I graduated from the University, my major in university is about Electronics and Telecommunications, I went to the first medical company with its field is selling tests, which used in laboratory medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, for hospitals. And of course, I am an engineer, who has to guarantee the operating of my company’s devices well.

This job always requires me to use soft skills, such as communications in English using speaking and writing between co-workers, my bosses, and customers. But I had quitted this job after 9 months from the time I got this job since I wanted to earn more money, while I did have enough soft skills as well as skills in the medical field.

At the moment, I wish I could do this job longer than 9 months because things that I received were much more than I gave. Was I so stupid? Anyways I will talk on other topics later.

The benefits of writing daily

Come back to this topic, I always thought myself that I was not a writer, I was afraid of displaying my opinion, knowledge in public, my mistakes let me ridiculous in front of people. After all, I gave up, I did not write anymore.

Recently, I read a lot of topics on I really love this website, where writers, bloggers give all ideas, opinions, shares in numbers of quality topics in our lives. I recognized that maybe I can write. I also understand that there are many benefits if I get used to expressing my ideas, feelings, goals through writing. So there are some benefits I know:

  • I will communicate with clarity. When I am writing, I will look for words and expressions to describe what I have in mind. This helps me to build a structure that will allow me to express myself better and communicate complex ideas in a much more effective way.
  • I will learn more. I often read a lot. However, I rarely write, so that I often forget soon the knowledge. To write a topic, I have to read at least five topics or more.
  • I will make better decisions. When writing I learn how to clear up my thoughts, which allow me to understand better and to make better choices.
  • I will live more focused. I have to admit that I have a bad habit is too easily distracted surroundings, like noises or wandering thoughts in my head. And writing is one of the best ways that help me to live in my life.

The key is repetition daily in many years

One of the mistakes that I made is often giving up the task if it is either so boring or too much difficult. When I began something new, I often spend too much time or hours on this. The key is not one or two days or months, the key is day to day in many years. That is the target that I want to focus on.

“Spending five hours on a day writing is not valuable as spending 30 minutes a day of the week”. The idea comes from pumping iron that I learned – repetition – developing a discipline of showing up, making writing as well as workout a priority, and working through the resistance. If I want to write down, I need to start writing every day. No question asked, no exceptions made. In the beginning, I have the motivation to push the tasks of writing finishing, but in the long term, it is always a discipline.

And of course, I always have a reward for every task that I achieved or a fine for I did not. In my case, I will be happy whenever I marked a check in my daily task and knowledge that I got, but I will be fined an amount of money for uncompleted tasks. That is very fair. Right?

What topics I will focus on?

My answer is everything I learned. I acknowledge that many well-known bloggers and writers suggest that we just need to focus on about two or three topics. The writers need to write with deeper knowledge in articles and readers also prefer the blog, which has a deep knowledge. But I am at the beginning of the progress, as a teenager, so that I focus on learning general knowledge after focusing on my major. I am going to schedule at least a year of free writing.

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