Writing Task 2 – Actual test 18-01-2018: Maintaining public libraries, a waste of money, computer technology, replace. Do you agree or disagree?

Written by Khương Ngọc

Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their functions. Do you agree or disagree?


Maintaining, public libraries, waste of money, computer technology, functions.

GSParaphrase the question
TS1Advantages of computer technology in managing libraries.
IDEA 1.1unlimited store information -> store any books or articles from 
SP 1.1save the space for storing books because there are thousands of books published every month.
IDEA 1.2Easier to access -> bring the convenience to the reader -> save time -> get more knowledge than before # library opens several hours per day.
TS 2The necessity of maintaining libraries
IDEA 2.1Be suitable for people who are old
SP 2.1They do not know to use technology devices 
IDEA 2.2Be a reliable source of information
SP 2.2books published go through many steps before placing in libraries -> this is considered as a reference source of information beside information on the internet
ConcRe-phrase, restatement – disagree
Wrapping upLibrary also needs to integrate technology to help readers in reading efficiently. 

Writing (Band 7+)

In recent decades, there has been a common belief that public libraries could be replaced by computer technology, which has been changing many aspects of human lives. Although the advantages of computer technology in storing information cannot be denied, maintaining public libraries is still necessary.

On the one hand, I understand why computer technology could change the way people store and read information. First, by almost unlimited information storage space, the Internet allows people to store millions of books and articles published every month. In fact, since the development of computer technology, humans have completely solved the problem of storing the knowledge of humanity, which is considered the main challenge for local libraries before inventing the computer. Second, by storing online on cloud storage provided by huge corporations, such as Google, and Amazon, readers can easily access millions of books from their individual devices. In fact, since people are too busy with their hectic schedules nowadays, most people, especially youngsters, prefer reading through their iPad or smartphone whenever they have leisure time thanks to the convenience it brings to.

On the other hand, despite the above arguments, maintaining public libraries is still essential for older people and those who want to find a reliable source for research. First, since senior citizens are technophobes, they do not know how to use cutting-edge devices. For example, my grandparents only use their iPhones for receiving calls, they have a habit of going to the local library near their home to get information by reading newspapers and books. In addition, if students need reliable information to do their research, libraries will be likely one of their first choices. Because the information in libraries is categorized by experienced librarians and checked thoroughly at various stages before being placed on shelves of the libraries, compared to an abundance of inaccurate and unreliable information on the Internet. 

In conclusion, although there are many benefits of using computer technology for providing information, there are good grounds for rejecting the view that maintaining public libraries is unnecessary.

(339 words).

Some collocations that I have used in this essay.

  • Change the way somebody + do something.
  • Allow somebody to do something.
  • have completely solved the problem of something
  • access (V) + noun
  • thanks to somebody/ something
  • do not know how to + V + something
  • a habit of V-ing.
  • benefits (N) of something
  • Good grounds for something

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